Year 4 – Ancient Greek Workshop

Year 4 came to School dressed as Greek Gods and Goddesses as they were transported back to Ancient Greece when they participated in an exciting workshop delivered by Portals To The Past.

The girls built on the learning in their History lessons by delving deeper into Ancient Greek culture and important battles. They re-enacted the great battle of Gaugamela between Alexander the Great and King Darius and explored how democracy started.

The girls had to use their mathematical and problem-solving skills to solve Archimedes’ Stomachion – the oldest known mathematical puzzle, whilst playing Petteia, a Greek strategy game. The workshop came to a close with an energetic mini-Olympic Games session.

There was a fantastic buzz around the School all day, and all the girls and staff looked fabulous in their costumes; there was an incredible display of armour and weapons. It was an excellent way to bring elements of the history curriculum to life, even if the myths and legends themselves are long gone.

When the girls were asked to describe the day in one word, we were told “fabulous”, “excellent”, and “exciting!”

It was a fantastic day; well done, everybody, for doing so well!