Easter Bonnet Parade: Celebrating Spring Creativity at Lyonsdown

Today, Lyonsdown was abuzz with colourful festivities as we celebrated our annual Friends of Lyonsdown Easter Bonnet Parade & Competition. The theme, ‘Springtime in all its glory,’ inspired our girls to showcase their creativity and imagination, resulting in a spectacular display of Easter bonnets.

Each bonnet was a unique masterpiece crafted with care and enthusiasm, from chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies to duckling lights and giant carrots. The effort and ingenuity poured into these creations were truly remarkable, leaving everyone in awe.

Mrs. Cowie, our esteemed judge, remarked, “Every year, the bonnet competition gets tougher and tougher to judge!” Indeed, the level of talent and innovation on display made the task of selecting winners a delightful challenge. The Art Prefects played a crucial role in the judging process, carefully evaluating each bonnet to determine the winners and runners-up from each year group.

The festivities started with a vibrant parade in the Sports Hall, where the girls proudly showcased their bonnets to the entire school community. Following the parade, the excitement continued with an Egg Hunt in the garden, led by the FLS and the Easter Bunny himself. The girls also had the delightful opportunity to meet Flopsy & Fudge, the adorable rabbits belonging to Anastasia and Isabelle.

Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding creativity and spirit.

What a delightful way to bid farewell to the Spring Term and usher in the Easter break!  We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday filled with joy, happiness, and plenty of chocolate! 

Easter Bonnet Competition Winners:


Winner – Layla

Runner up – Persephone


Winner – Amaryllis

Runner up – Temi

Year 1

Winner – Liya

Runner up – Philia

Year 2

Winner – Joyce

Runner up- Maya

Year 3

Winner – Jasmine

Runner up – Anastasia

Year 4

Winner – Francesca

Runner Up – Bella

Year 5

Winner – Hannah

Runner up – Maya

Year 6

Winner – Helena

Runner up – Livia