Year 1 & 2

Through observation on life, the children is KS1 begin to understand something of the patterns and life processes in the world around them. They are encouraged to observe, study, question, plan, investigate and experiment.

“Science is a great opportunity to get thinking and be creative”

Years 3-6

Science at Lyonsdown aims to stimulate and excite pupils’ curiosity in, and knowledge of, phenomena and events in the world. The science curriculum includes life processes, materials and physical processes as well as the development of key practical and investigative skills. Wherever possible, pupils learn by direct practical experience, carrying out investigations in small groups. In this way the science curriculum balances the acquisition of knowledge with the development of investigative skills.  We have field trips for the pupils in Year 2 and Year 5 and we invite specialists into the school from time to time where appropriate. For example, the Setpoint Workshops and the Kinetic Theatre who perform a play covering at least one science topic.