Lyonsdown’s Outdoor Learning Day 2024

On Thursday, we hosted an exciting Outdoor Learning Day at Lyonsdown. Girls from all year groups participated in various engaging activities around the school grounds with the focus on Inference and vocabulary. The day was filled with creativity, storytelling, and interactive learning, providing a refreshing break from the traditional classroom setting.

Each year group rotated through several different stations, each offering a unique educational experience:

  • Mrs Jenner’s Chatterpix Animation: Using the Chatterpix app, the girls brought objects to life by turning them into animated characters, sparking their imaginations and enhancing their digital skills.
  • Mrs Cowie’s Art Interpretation Project: In this activity, the girls discussed and presented their interpretations of different artworks. They shared what the pieces meant to them, encouraging public speaking and critical thinking.
  • Mrs Rodwell’s Storytelling by the Science Pond: With story cubes and story stones, the girls gathered around the science pond to craft and share imaginative stories.
  • Mrs Robert’s Word Puddles: This fun exercise had the girls creating sentences and songs using words written on puddles, fostering creativity and language skills.
  • Mr Taylor’s Inference Questions with iPads: The girls used QR codes to take photos and interpret them on this walk, integrating technology with outdoor exploration.
  • Mr Gale’s Ball Games: Various games were played to promote use of vocabulary including a word association game.
  • Miss Pavlou’s Forest School Inspiration Generator: In our Forest School area, each year group took turns telling stories using the Forest as inspiration, tapping into their creativity and collaborative skills.

The day was a resounding success, with all the girls thoroughly enjoying the mix of activities. The blend of technology, art, storytelling, and physical play made for a well-rounded and memorable learning experience.