School Council

As a school, we value the ideas and the opinions of our pupils, and this is one way in which the “pupil voice” is heard, suggestions taken forward and where appropriate, put into action.

Each year, a new Lyonsdown School Council is democratically peer-elected with two class representatives from each class from Year 2 upwards. School Council allows pupils, (through their representatives), the opportunity to become active decision makers in the wider school community.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss matters relevant to our young  people. Council meetings are chaired by the Year 6 Head Girl and her deputy, with a member of the Senior Leadership Team in attendance.

Class representatives have an extremely important job to do, as they are responsible for collecting ideas and listening to the concerns of their fellow pupils before reporting back to the School Council. For example, the current area of priority for the School Council is to make Lyonsdown a greener school. It is the representatives’ duty to take the lead in this initiative, in order to enhance and improve what we are currently doing to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

School Council 2023



Please can we have a school pet? We introduced Norman, our visiting Pets as Therapy dog
Please can we have more of a say in snacks and lunch? We arranged a meeting for school council to meet with Pat, our onsite chef and voice their opinions.  A very popular suggestion was to have internationally themed food
Please can we have a better selection of books in the classroom? We introduced Barnet School Library Service who deliver fresh sets of books every term
Please can we have more time on the pickup sticks? We looked at the rota and introduced a whole class reward system where a class reward could be extra time on the pickup sticks
Please can we have a bike park? In progress
Please can we have a zebra crossing to make crossing the road safer? In progress with Barnet Council