Design & Technology

At Lyonsdown we believe that design and technology helps children to become problem solvers through practical tasks, using creativity and imagination.  The subject gives pupils the opportunity to investigate the real world and provides cross curricular links with other areas of the curriculum, in particular Science, Mathematics, English, Computing, Music, Art & PSHE.

Years 1 & 2

The girls talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making. They explore how familiar things work and they have the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials.

“DT is great, we make fun and exciting models”.

Years 3 – 6

The girls work on their own, in pairs, or in small groups on a range of designing and making activities, including textiles, construction, materials, electronics and food.  They think about what products are used for and who will be using them. They plan and design their product, make it and then assess what works well and what could be improved in theirs and other people’s designs.