Years 1 & 2


Computing prepares pupils for the challenges of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. Children are given opportunities to experience computing and develop their skills, linking this work with other areas of the curriculum where applicable. Learning the importance of using technology safely and respectfully, increasing competency in logical reasoning and learning to manipulate and retrieve digital content are some of the important areas of the curriculum.

“Arcventure Egyptians was challenging, puzzling and interesting and it was lots of fun”

Years 3-6

As both work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology, pupils need to gain confidence in their ability to use computing tools in an effective and discriminating way. Through teaching computing, we encourage children to understand its relevance and importance in everyday life. Pupils need to be able to decide when and where to use computing to best effect, and to find, explore, create, analyse, exchange and present digital content in a safe and responsible way. Learning to use computational thinking to solve problems and to detect and correct errors in programs also enables pupils to use technology effectively.  The use of computing enhances and extends pupils learning across the whole curriculum whilst developing motivation and skills.