Strong pastoral care

The happiness and wellbeing of all our girls underpins everything that we do.

When you visit Lyonsdown you will be to see this for yourself, as you will be greeted by cheerful, welcoming and motivated girls, who are resilient and respectful, supporting each other and enjoying their learning journey.

We place great importance on our happy family atmosphere, where mutual respect is encouraged. It is our aim to foster an environment founded on trust and care, which will enable our girls to feel safe and secure in order to develop and excel. At Lyonsdown every girl is known and valued as an individual and supported and stretched to succeed both inside and outside of the curriculum.

With the benefit of smaller classes, the particular strengths and talents of every child are able to be nurtured and developed by our dedicated teachers, both academically and in extra-curricular activities. Form Teachers have the main responsibility for the welfare of the pupils in their charge and they ensure that each girl is known, listened to and cared for on a personal level. All other teachers and staff work in close co-operation with the Form Teachers, aware that all aspects of a girl’s life contribute to a well-balanced character.  All pupils know that they are able to turn to any member of staff if they are anxious or unsure, and that their concerns will be dealt with confidentially and promptly.

Physical wellbeing:

The physical health and wellbeing of all our girls is very important to us and we work closely with parents and guardians to ensure the medical needs of every child is met at all times. There is a Medical Room at the heart of the school, with basic provision for children who become unwell during the course of the school day.  Our Welfare Officer is on duty at break and lunchtimes during the school day in the Medical Room to care for the girls and their needs. She can always be contacted by the School Office if needed during lessons. In addition, several members of staff are also qualified as paediatric First Aiders and all staff have basic first aid training.

Pupil security:

We take the security of our pupils very seriously. The School is securely fenced off from the public and our pedestrian gate is secured during the school day. Parents and visitors can only access the school grounds and building once they have identified themselves to a member of our Office staff.