Our Aims

We aim to inspire and enable our girls to love learning, to achieve personal success, and to be well-equipped with the values, attitudes and skills that lay the foundations for a happy and fulfilling life by:

    1. Delivering an excellent education that supports personal success
      We are ambitious for each of our girls. We tailor our academic and pastoral support to meet each girl’s individual needs, and prepare her to access, and thrive at, the senior school that suits her best.


  • Encouraging girls to enjoy childhood
    Our girls love being at school. We build their self-belief and love of learning without early pressure, in a friendly and safe environment. We encourage girls to be mindful of their own mental and physical wellbeing, to establish these good habits – to be able to enjoy life – from an early age.



  • Developing a Lyonsdown Learner
    We embed invaluable skills that are vital for our girls in an ever changing world. We encourage all our girls to be:
    – Intellectually curious and think creatively
    – Confident to take risks and persevere
    – Learn how to positively reflect and adapt to achieve success – developing resilience
    – Articulate and to work collaboratively with others – Independent, organised, resourceful and technologically adept



  • Sparking and cultivating interests
    We provide extensive opportunities for our girls to discover their own personal interests and talents. We balance core academic subjects alongside a broad interdisciplinary focus on STEAM, combined with extensive co-curricular provision in Art, Drama, Music and Sport.



  • Developing strong community-minded girls
    We place inclusivity at the heart of all that we do in school; in our activities and the behaviour we model and expect in our girls. Our community has Christian heritage while embracing those with all faiths and none. We celebrate diversity and encourage kindness and care for all in our community and the wider world.



  • Achieving personal success by collaborating as a school family
    We know that the best way for our girls to achieve success is for us to have a pro-active and open dialogue with parents. We encourage and enable our school family – of staff, parents, governors and alumni – to collaborate to broaden our girls’ skills, knowledge and horizons, alongside building partnerships with our wider network of schools and other organisations.