Food & Nutrition

Our wonderful in-house catering team cook all meals on site using local produce wherever possible. They get to know every girl – enabling them to encourage the children to try a variety of food and enjoy a balanced meal.

Feedback from our girls about our food includes this, from one of our Year 6 leavers:

“Everyone looks forward to lunchtime! Lunches are delicious, the cooks are so kind, and the food is nutritious.”

Every day there is a hot lunch option, with vegetarian/vegan options, as well as a self-serve salad bar. The pupils choose what they would like and have the choice to ‘mix and match’ the hot with the salad from the salad bar. Bread is always available, as is fresh fruit or yoghurt as an alternative to the set dessert.

There is a varied menu which is shared with parents each week – an example is provided below.  All allergies and food preferences for other reasons can be accommodated.  We are a ‘nut free’ school, this means that we do not use nuts in our recipes nor allow children to bring nuts or cereal bars containing nuts as part of their school snacks or packed lunches.

All girls are provided with a healthy snack for break time, and there is plenty of water available for the children to stay well hydrated.