Years 1 & 2

Mathematics forms an important part of the curriculum every day and pupils are encouraged to strengthen their skills through primary experience within their daily lives. Practical work is a rich and vital expression of this experience, encouraging pupils to develop a relevant and lasting awareness of numbers and their values, as well as a growing awareness of measures, shape, space and data handling.

Mental maths methods are encouraged and strategies are discussed and shared within the class. Children are encouraged to build strong, confident skills of numeracy and to be able to record their results accurately and to use and apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

“Maths is fun, but always challenging, you learn something new everyday. We also go into the computer room and participate in logic games”.

Years 3-6

Mathematics is a way of thinking rather than a mere collection of skills. It is vital for scientific understanding, logical thinking and working. Mathematics enables pupils to solve everyday problems. It provides a powerful means of understanding the world and communicating ideas, and is essential to the study of other subjects. Maths can ‘stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a pupil solves a problem for the first time, discovers a more elegant solution to the problem, or suddenly sees hidden connections’. (National Curriculum). Whilst ensuring that our pupils develop mathematical skills and knowledge, we also convey the understanding that mathematics can be fun!

“Maths is the truly global language. With it we convey ideas to each other that words cannot handle”. (Alison Wolf, Professor, Institute of Education).