Art at Lyonsdown School is a highly valued and important element of the school curriculum.  We believe that the appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts enriches all of our lives.

Years 1 & 2

During KS1, pupils develop their creativity and imagination by exploring the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes. They learn about the role of art, craft and design in their environment. They begin to understand colour, shape, line, tone, space, pattern and texture and use them to represent their ideas and feelings. During this key stage, pupils will be taught knowledge, skills and understanding through:

  • Exploring a range of starting points for practical work
  • Working on their own and collaborating with others on projects in 2 and 3 dimensions and on different scales
  • Using a range of materials and processes


“Individual talent is celebrated! My favourite lesson is art because I really like drawing, painting and sticking. We make really colourful and lovely paintings”.

Years 3 – 6

They become more confident in using visual and tactile elements, materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.  Pupils are also encouraged to discuss their work and the work of others in order to gain confidence and to help make decisions when evaluating their work.

Art work created by all pupils is displayed throughout the school which inspires others and promotes a sense of pride.

Workshops and talks by visiting artists and designers, and trips to art galleries and museums add another dimension to our pupil’s art lessons.