The Twinkly Nativity – EYFS Christmas Production

We entered the enchanting world of our Early Years Christmas production today, where the season’s magic came to life in “The Twinkly Nativity.”

Our youngest little stars shone brightly as they took to the stage, bringing joy and festive cheer to the audience’s parents, carers, and grandparents.

In this heartwarming tale, the girls embrace the spirit of Christmas as they portray the timeless story of the Nativity. With adorable costumes and twinkling eyes, our youngest Lyonsdown girls captured the essence of the festive season.

Each child played a special role in recreating the nativity scene, from the charming shepherds to the delightful angels. Colourful lights illuminated their faces, adding an extra layer of sparkle to the production. The children sang the songs beautifully and narrated the story with such enthusiasm, the Sports Hall truly resonated with the spirit of Christmas!

Well done to everyone for delivering such a fabulous performance!