Diversity Fortnight – Celebrating Black History Month

Throughout the School, we’ve been celebrating Diversity Fortnight, coinciding with the celebration of Black History Month.  We’ve embarked on a cultural journey and celebrated the rich tapestry of our community. 

Here’s a glimpse of the exciting activities that have taken place over the last fortnight:

Music Lessons from Around the World

Mrs Roberts immersed the Year 4 girls in The Story of Diwali for their upcoming trip to the London Symphony Orchestra. The girls explored the basics of Indian Music, looking at Raga’s and the notes of the Raga scale. They were able to sing and play these on the Glockenspiels.

Food From Around The World:

Our wonderful catering staff served up mouthwatering dishes from around the globe. We tasted the flavours of North Africa, Asia, Europe, The Caribbean and the Americas!

Playground Games from Different Countries:

Our garden transformed into a global gaming hub. The girls learnt and enjoyed traditional games from different countries. They played the Greek game Agalmata, and the Portuguese game Jogo do Lencinho, to name a couple.

Traditional Dances:

We were incredibly fortunate to have one of our parents join us for Assembly on Friday, where she showcased a fantastic traditional Indian classical dance called Kathak. The girls were mesmerised during her performance!

Design Your Own Crest: 

In Art, Mrs Cowie set a project for the whole School to create their own crests, reflecting ‘what represents you?’

Artwork Collaboration:

Year 6 created a collaborative piece of artwork honouring the incredible Simone Biles, the American artistic gymnast.

French Links with French-Speaking Countries: 

Madame Irving delved into the rich connections between the French language and the various French-speaking nations. 

Votes for Schools:

This week’s Votes for Schools topic was: ‘Are Black British women’s stories told in our history?’ In their lessons with Mrs Jenner, the girls in Year 1 to Year 6 learnt about – Mary Seacole, Lilian Bader, Fanny Eaton and Maggie Aderin-Pocock, 

Lyonsdown embraced diversity, celebrated Black History Month and made the last two weeks of half term a memorable celebration for all.