Lyonsdown Values – Be Kind, Be Bold and Brave and Be The Best You Can Be

This term Mrs Jenner is leading a series of assemblies to embed our Lyonsdown Values: Be Kind, Be Bold and Brave and Be The Best You Can Be.

This week’s assembly focused on finding your Superpower and was brought to life by all the teachers who took turns to stand up and tell the girls their own Superpowers! We were delighted to hear from Mrs McCarthy that ‘being a good listener and giving good advice’ was a particular strength she mentioned, Miss Gramatikakis’s power is ‘being a good friend’, and Mrs Satchwell chose ’empathy’ as her Superpower. Mrs Young named ‘high expectations and can bring out the best in people’ as hers. Miss Arlow has an incredible superpower of ‘Calmness’, whilst Miss Sherwood ‘can connect with the children’. Unsurprisingly, our Lyonsdown Values are woven through the teacher’s Superpowers, which are organically part of our School culture.

Mrs Jenner then explained the importance of ‘staying in your lane’, staying focused in the classroom, and staying on track. She played a fun video the year 6 girls had prepared, demonstrating how easy it is to get distracted during class time by worrying about what others are doing instead of focusing on your own task. To reinforce the message, Mrs Jenner showed a picture of a swimming pool where swimming in your lane helps to win the race.

Finally, she talked about how being the best we can be means striving to do our best in all aspects of life. Mrs Jenner reminded us that these values make our lovely school community unique, and the girls should be practising these values daily.

We can’t wait to see what amazing things the girls will accomplish when applying the Lyonsdown Values!