World Book Day 2023

Lyonsdown was filled with Harry Potter’s, Princesses, Alice In Wonderland’s, Paddington Bears, Cruella De Vil’s and a broad range of scary creatures for World Book Day today. At the gate, Mrs Jenner, our very own Burglar Bill, welcomed the girls in various outfits for a fabulous fun-filled day of activities.

The morning started with a Whole School Assembly led by Miss McCarthy (Professor McGonagall), our Head of English, and Aarya-Sky, (Skulduggery Pleasant) in Year 6. Mrs Jenner presented some funny pictures of each of the teachers reading their books in peculiar places, and later on in the day, the girls voted for their favourite photo. Each year group held a wonderful costume parade around the Hall for the whole School to enjoy, and of course, the teachers participated too; their costumes were also creative and just as much fun as the girls! The audience were asked to discuss their favourite book and author and explain why. The teachers presented their book recommendations and explained why it was their favourite.

Last week, Miss McCarthy held a World Book Day competition for the girls. They were to choose their favourite book and redesign the front cover, Years 3-6 were to write their summary version of the story on the back. The winners and runners-up were announced in Assembly today, and they all received a prize for their fabulous creations and written work.

After Assembly, the girls relocated to the classrooms for a reading and teacher-swapping morning! Each teacher read their book of choice to a class until Mrs Jenner (Burglar Bill) rang the Lyonsdown bell and moved them to another year group. It was all action in the corridors as the Crayons, Witches, Gangster Granny, Cruella Di Vil, and Dalmatians scurried from class to class!

As we moved into the afternoon, the girls in Year 6 visited each classroom to play ‘Guess The Book’ with the younger girls. They gave clues about the wrapped-up book they held, and the younger girls had to guess the story. What a success it was; we obviously have a building full of bookworms!

In Music class today, Year 5 and Year 4 have been composing music for the stories; The Room On The Broom and The Gruffalo, respectively. Reception have read and created their own music movements to ‘The Animal Boogie’ in their Music and Movement session today. Shaking, swinging, stomping, flying, and leaping through the jungle!

Amongst all these fabulous World Book Day activities, we also had our annual book swap in the Sports Hall, so the girls all went home with a book of their choice.

We’d like to thank all the girls and parents for all their hard work putting together such a fantastic array of costumes. We think you’ll agree, the girls (and the teachers) all looked fabulous!