Black History Month at Lyonsdown

Before breaking up for half term, the last week was a busy week of learning at Lyonsdown. The girls celebrated the many contributions made to society by people of black heritage for their Black History Month projects.

Mrs Jenner held a whole School Assembly in which each Year group (from Years 1-6) would present their well-researched individuals to the rest of the School.

Year 1 started by presenting all they learned about the Artist Lubaina Himid. Four of the girls confidently took to the stage and, using their prompt cards, explained their findings to the audience.

Year 2 made some lovely bunting for their classroom, choosing either Martin Luther King Jnr, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, Nicola Adams, Desmond Tutu or Marcus Rashford for each flag. The whole class stood up, proudly holding their bunting and sung an outstanding rap song about Black history.

The girls in Year 3 have been researching the work of community worker, activist and civil rights campaigner Paul Stephenson OBE. Four girls took to the stage and presented their findings about him to the audience.

Year 4 focused their work on Mae Jemison, engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. The whole class stood up, and two confident speakers came forward and presented their research.

Year 5 focused all their work on Mary Seacole and her work in treating the wounded and sick soldiers in the Crimean War. Bae and Tabitha presented their findings at the front of the year group. They displayed an easel of artistic medals they had each produced to honour her.

Year 6 focused their projects on the life of English footballer Jack Leslie and the work of Martin Luther King. Lenny and Amalie came to the stage and shared their knowledge with everyone about their contributions to society.

Mrs Hall then joined the stage and announced how impressed she was with all the girls’ hard work they had put into this significant subject. She reminded everyone about the Lyonsdown Learning Habits and questioned the audience about the Learning Habits which would have been involved when producing these class projects.

This led beautifully into the topic of the Lyonsdown Learning Awards and invites for Muffins and Milkshakes with the Head. Mrs Hall had a few invites in her hand, which she handed out to the girls who had displayed their Lyonsdown Learning Habits this half term. They would be invited to her office for Muffins & Milkshakes when they returned to School after the half term break.

Mrs Hall will be holding these meetings on a fortnightly bases for the girls in Reception to Year 6 who display their Lyonsdown Learning Habits at School.