STEAM – A Celebration Of Creativity

Mission To Mars!

The STEAM Co held a fantastic all day session in School for the KS2 girls this week.

The STEAM Co started the day with an inspiring, engaging, educational Assembly. They learnt the different forms that Art comes in, be it Science, Music, Technology, Painting, Photography, Drawing, Dancing, DJing, Cooking, Coding, Skateboarding, Fashion or Football!

The girls learned many interesting STEAM facts, from stories about Elon Musk, how to make a rocket, how to design a rocket, and the art of rocket science, to coding and invention. Following this, it didn’t take the newly inspired girls long to design and create their fabulous-looking rockets in preparation to launch them outside in the Playground!

After break time the girls returned for the next part of the session; to create an, I Love Art Logo. They individually tested their creativity and designed some fantastic crown and t-shirt templates.

Everyone gathered in the School Hall for the afternoon session, which involved working on a collaborative cardboard building project. The STEAM Co bought plenty of MakeDo tools to aid with the builds; the School Hall was full of cardboard (thank you to all the parents that donated), ready for construction. We had marvellous cardboard sculptures of houses, dogs, teddy bears, the Moon and even a cardboard Mars Base Camp! The brief was open; the girls could create whatever they wanted and use all the cardboard they needed. During this exercise, they beautifully displayed their Lyonsdown Learning Habits of Creativity and Collaboration.

The day finished on a high with the launch of a real dynamite rocket in the Playground. The whole School joined in to watch, which sent everyone home buzzing!

They say it’s not rocket science, but today, it most definitely was rocket science!

For more information on the STEAM Co or if you wish to donate to their ‘mission to raise a million quids to help a million kids’, visit their website: