Lyonsdown  School at The Barnet Primary Athletics Championships

On the 24th of May, an extraordinary event occurred. Twenty girls from Year 3 to 6 were selected to represent Lyonsdown at the Barnet Primary Athletics Challenge.

As the coach pulled away from school, emotions of excitement and trepidation filled the air about the day to come: we were an unstoppable force!

Luckily, we got off to a good start, which made our team spirit of collaboration become even stronger. Savannah came 1st place in the Y5 shotput. With our Jamaican flags high in the air, we cheered on Jazarah, who was doing brilliantly in the Y5 javelin, meaning that her competition was 1 year older than her, making it even more of a challenge!

Meanwhile, out of sight, Lila came 3rd place in high jump and both Despina and Leni came 2nd in long jump and speed bounce. During this, Safiya was preparing for her long jump. After capturing a photo of everyone’s individual successes, we visited Safiya at the long jump just as she finished her go and was awarded 1st place for jumping over 3 metres – which was phenomenal! Shortly after, we were informed that Anaya and Amelia-Faye had come 1st in the Y6 shot-put and javelin! Everybody was achieving success and most importantly having fun in their personal events!

As our Jamaican chants and cheers filled the spectator’s ears, the track events started. As there were so many runners, it was difficult to keep track of the order of the events. We all did well in our independent sprints, and we persevered and tried hard, and in the end, we had two winners: Lydia, and Sofia, who both came 2nd. The relays were a big challenge for everyone (I should know, I competed in one!) everyone had to work together not to drop the baton. Over all, our relay winners were Y4 who came 1st and Y5 and Y6 who both came 2nd: Hooray!

Finally, the prize giving arrived and we were all buzzing with anticipation. “Will it be us? Will it be us?” rang in everybody’s head. Proudly we stepped up to receive our medals. We came 2nd out of all the schools in the girls’ category, we were all grinning from ear to ear! With our Jamaican banners high above our heads, we left Stone X Stadium full of pride and joy.

Reported by Deputy Sports Captain – Naina