Lyonsdown School – Peripatetic Music Room – Live Ballot

The tension around the school has been building as we edge closer to revealing the name of our new Peripatetic Music Room.

Miss Ueckermann, our Director Of Music, held an excellent whole School Assembly in which she discussed the five shortlisted famous female musicians and composers that had been chosen for the ballot. 

They are as follows:

Dolly Parton – American singer-songwriter – Country Music 

Aretha Franklin – American singer, songwriter and pianist – Jazz / Soul

Clara Schumann – German pianist, composer, and piano teacher

Nicola Benedetti – Scottish-Italian classical solo violinist









Taylor Swift – American singer-songwriter.

The girls were each given a ballot slip with the female musicians listed. They were asked to tick their selection and hand their folded marked paper in for vote counting. Miss Ueckermann explained the importance of a democratic vote and how respect for other people’s choices should be considered. This falls into the five fundamental British Values in the Early Years, which are embedded within the EYFS framework.

The girls submitted their suggestions for vote counting; we will announce the winning artist and the name of the room later this week!