Ancient Greek Workshop – Portals To The Past

Year 4 spent Wednesday, this week, off timetable, doing a workshop on Ancient Greece.

They prepared for this by making their costumes to wear. Everybody made a massive effort and looked fantastic on the day. They were unrecognisable as they transformed themselves into various Ancient Greek myths and legends! Mr Midgley, our presenter, was very impressed!

The girls participated in several activities, including playing Ancient Greek board games and solving a puzzle loved by Archimedes. There was also drama, storytelling and a quiz.

Finally, the girls took part in an Ancient Greek Soldier’s drill. This was both fun and terrifying all at the same time!. There was a fabulous display of armour and weapons, and we even had the Olympics in the school hall.

There was a great buzz around the School all day, and the girls looked amazing in their costumes. It was a fantastic way to bring elements of the history curriculum to life, even if the myths and legends themselves are long gone.

Well done, everybody, for doing so well!