Year 4 get a little taste of Paradise…..Wildlife Park

Year 4 had a walk on the wild side when they visited Paradise Wildlife Park at the end of the summer term!

They stepped back in time to experience the UK’s biggest dinosaur animatronic exhibitions, including a T-Rex, triceratops, spinosaurus and velociraptors.Y4 paradise wildlife park

On the Rex Express and dinosaur trail they got to see the dinosaurs close up, but thankfully weren’t too scared.

In the zoo they saw some real animals, including:

  • zebras
  • lions
  • tortoises
  • tarantulas
  • snakes

some of which were basking in the glorious sunshine that the girls were enjoying too.  Of course, being Lyonsdown girls they had to enjoy seeing the lions in the zoo!

Most of all, the day was about having fun with their classmates, cementing friendships that have had a bit of disruption this year with a term of remote learning – having strong friendship bonds supports effective learning and teamwork in and out of the classroom.

It was a lovely treat at the end of term, finished off by an ice cream in the adventure playground, and will have set down some great Lyonsdown memories for everyone.