Watch out as Year 6 learn to defend themselves!

Year 6 have been enjoying a programme of talks and events aimed at broadening their horizons before they move on to senior school.  At Lyonsdown we work hard to make sure our girls are ready for that transition, and that they have a variety of experiences to supplement their core learning.

As part of this programme the girls enjoyed a self-defence class in school.  The workshop was led by Sensei Ibush Kabashi from Mixed Martial Arts North London – a 5th Dan Black Belt Jiu Jitsu expert, who has previously trained and advised the Armed Forces and Police Tactical Units.

The session was specifically designed for young women who wish to improve their personal safety with practical skills and knowledge, regardless of whether they have any prior martial arts experience.

The training included:

  • takedowns, stances, movement, strikes and kicks
  • releases from holds, locks and grabs
  • basic grappling and ground defensive techniques

All of the moves were carefully and safely demonstrated to the girls by Sensei Ibush and his assistant, before they tried them out on each other.  Working in pairs they were coached to respond effectively to different situations.  It was a great work-out as they learned a mix of moves and techniques.

We very much hope our girls don’t need to put this knowledge into action, but they will at least be leaving us with the confidence to protect themselves!