Year 6 lead the whole school in Maths Sustainability Day

Maths is all around us, and nowhere was that more evident than on Maths Sustainability Day.  Using only things available in and around school, Year 6 girls planned and created a trail for each year group, starting from the classroom door, bringing the curriculum to life.

This was a fantastic display of creativity and collaboration, with the Year 6 girls leading small groups of younger pupils around the trail and helping them solve and answer the questions along the way; the younger pupils definitely enjoyed spending time with their older role models.  As our oldest pupils get ready to move to senior schools in September, they really enjoyed the leadership aspect of the day – so important for confidence building.

The trails led each class to an age-appropriate activity, starting with 2D and 3D shapes for the younger years up to measuring the canopy of trees in the school grounds for Year 5 using their knowledge of area of a circle.

The ‘sustainable’ element related to the fact that the activity used only the environment and resources already in school, nothing more.  It just shows what fun can be had with a little imagination!

It was a great opportunity to embed maths vocabulary, as well as putting some knowledge into practice.  For example, Year 4 were figuring out ways to measure the height of trees using their own ideas and measuring shadows – good us of algebra skills along the way!

“This is STEAM in action,” said Lyonsdown’s Year 5 tutor and Maths Coordinator, Mrs Polak. “I congratulate our Year 6 girls for putting together such a great event, and for using the school’s facilities so effectively.”

From finding square numbers in the playground to peg counting in the corridors, everyone was kept very busy!  How many shapes can YOU see in the construction of the greenhouse?