Ark Farm bring some furry visitors to Lyonsdown!

Pre-reception and Reception girls had a real treat at the end of last week when Ark Farm visited the school!

Ark Farm specialise in bringing a variety of friendly animals into schools, delivering a real hands-on educational and tactile experience for children, and their visit was enjoyed by everyone!

Some of the animals, such as the rabbits, were familiar to the children, and they were keen to give them a stroke.  Others, such as Patch the pigmy hedgehog, were met with a little more caution!  But curiosity, one of the Lyonsdown Learning Habits, won them over in the end, and most of the girls were brave enough to face the prickles!

Patch the pigmy hedgehog

Plop the barn owl, Takane the dog and all the other animals were very patient as the girls learnt all about them and handled them very carefully.  The cage had some very interesting inhabitants – sugar gliders.  These are palm-size possums that are native to tropical and cool-temperate forests in Australia.  They were a firm favourite!

Sugar gliders

Everyone had a great time, and if you get a request for an unusual house pet you will know why!