The return of school trips – Year 1 visit Barnet Environment Centre

How lovely it is that we can once again supplement learning with school trips!

Year 1 got the ball rolling with a trip to Barnet Environment Centre.  This is a great local resource – the centre aims to educate and inspire a lasting interest in and appreciation of the natural world.  Our children need to grow up caring for and conserving the environment, and developing their knowledge of the natural world is key.

On a lovely sunny day the girls explored the woodland, which is populated with a variety of trees, hedges and other plant life.  They learnt about the different creatures that might live in different natural habitats, and recorded what they found.  Standing quietly, they listened to the sounds around them, trying to identify what birds and animals were making them.  These skills of observing and exploring are key for scientific enquiry and, with a proud emphasis on STEAM at Lyonsdown School, these are really important for learning in and out of the classroom.

Pond-dipping was a real treat!  The ponds were teeming with life – dragonflies, damselflies, water beetles and other bugs.  The girls looked on in wonder at the various creatures to be found in the water.

Everyone had a great day out.  See the fun they had in the photos below.