Reception girls enjoy butterfly release!

Last half term the girls in Reception kept watch over their butterfly kit with a hands-on introduction to insect metamorphosis, waiting eagerly for their caterpillars to turn into butterflies. The girls observed the caterpillars eating, spinning silk and growing to ten times their original size!  Their patience was finally rewarded as 11 beautiful Painted Lady butterflies emerged.

They learnt lots of fun facts.  Did you know….

·         One caterpillar has as many as 4000 muscles in its body, with 248 in its head alone

·         Caterpillars have twelve tiny eyes located near the mouth on both sides of the head

·         They will shed their exoskeleton five times as they eat and grow

·         The bright colours of the Painted Lady butterflies warn predators to stay away

·         They use their antennae to feel, smell and hear and they taste with their feet!

The timing was impeccable – just in time for the half term break, the girls gathered excitedly to release the butterflies into the school garden.  With the help of Mr Sheridan, the girls were very careful as some of the butterflies landed on their hands – they were so light and delicate that the girls could hardly feel they were there. 

Seeing the delight on the girls’ faces was a wonderful way to end the week!