A symphony of saucepans – Junk Music workshop is a great hit!

Year 3 and 4 girls had a real treat at the start of the week! Armed just with ordinary household items, they participated in a Junk Music workshop hosted by Primary workshops.

The workshop leader used his Brazilian heritage to teach the girls some Samba rhythms, and the uplifting beat brought a sense of carnival to the School. But amazingly the sound was created using pots, pans, brushes and bottles – things you would easily find at home.

The girls were really challenged to question whether an item is ‘rubbish’ or ‘reusable’, and the workshop encouraged them to think about how to give an item a new lease of life. This ties in directly with our focus on STEAM here at Lyonsdown School, and builds on the topic work that Year 4 undertake on recycling instruments, as well as building on some of the remote learning the girls had done during the pandemic.

The workshop encouraged the girls to take music and rhythm to another level – giving them the freedom to express themselves in a new way, and encouraging them to feel the rhythm as well as play it. It was quite amazing to watch and hear the girls create such powerful sounds with ordinary items,and joyous to see them express themselves through music and dance.

So, if your saucepans go missing you’ll know who the culprit is!