New iPads for our digital natives!

This week we took delivery of a brand new set of iPads, generously paid for by the Friends of Lyonsdown School.  With enough for each girl in a class to have their own iPad, everyone is excited about supplementing their learning and skill development with this great new resource.

Research has shown that introducing iPads into a classroom has a positive effect on the development of children’s literacy and numeracy, as well as the ability to capture their attention and engagement.  Teachers across all subjects are looking forward to having an additional tool at their disposal, tapping into the wide array of apps and resources that using iPads can offer.

“I am so grateful to the FLS for providing us with a new class set of iPads, “ said Lyonsdown’s Head, Mrs Stanton-Tonner.  “This mobile technology will enhance the opportunities for learning outside the classroom, for greater creativity in lessons, as well as giving more opportunities to practice skills in our core subjects.”

Alongside the practical application of using iPads in lessons, this also presents a further opportunity to reinforce the message to the children about online safety and being careful with their digital profiles and footprint.

Year 6 girls were the first to trial the iPads, and had fun learning about how versatile they can be.  As digital natives they needed little instruction!