Interviewing Candidates for the Position of a Vicar of St John’s Church High Barnet

Today, some Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had a very important job to do: to interview candidates for the post of vicar of St John’s Church, High Barnet!

St John the Baptist Church in High Barnet – where we hold our annual carol service, are searching for a new vicar, and due to Lyonsdown’s connection with them, they asked if we could help in the selection process.

There was much enthusiasm from both Year 5 and Year 6 when the proposal was explained to them, and six girls from each class were arranged as separate interview panels for the two final candidates that St John’s had chosen.

Each pupil then thought of a question to ask, and on the day of the interviews, they quizzed each candidate with their very thoughtful and probing questions. Questions such as

“Why do you like being a Christian?” and “How would you make your services interactive and enjoyable for both adults and children?” were just two of the incisive questions that our Lyonsdown pupils put to the candidates.

At the end of the interviews, the St John’s selection panel asked the girls for their feedback and said how very impressed they were with their questions and professional composure – as was Mrs Windsor, who was very proud of our ‘Lyonsdown ambassadors’.

So, now we wait to see if either candidate gets the job!