Lyonsdown’s Artists of the Week!

Year 1 children have been learning about primary colours and how to make secondary colours. They have also been investigating the work of artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Here are some beautiful Concentric Circle paintings by Oliver, Katerina and Cassie which encompasses all their recently learned knowledge. Well done!

Year 2 created these colourful pictures inspired by the Northern Lights. Well done, Year 2 for super work, you have shown great use of colour and shapes!

With links to their learning in History, Year 3 have been learning about mosaics. They learnt how the Romans created their mosaics and then designed and made their own mosaics using colour papers. Well done, Year 3!

Our Year 4 Artists of the Week are Ieva and Anusha who both created these lovely pictures in their own time. Ieva was really inspired by a Shakespeare workshop last week and drew this beautiful pencil drawing of Ophelia, whist Anusha loves experimenting with colour and painted this lovely silhouette picture. Well done, girls!


Year 5 have been learning about the Art Deco movement and the work of Clarice Cliff. Here is some excellent work by Delilah and Hannah showing super understanding of Clarice Cliff’s distinctive style. Well, done girls.

Sia and Selvi in Year 6 created these beautiful pictures in their own time recently. Sia’s fantastic self-portrait shows her wearing her lovely new glasses and Selvi has discovered how to use highlighting techniques to create reflections in her work. Well done!