Celebrating the end of a busy half term of Remote Learning!

To mark the end of our Spring half term of Remote Learning and to say well done to all our pupils for being so brilliant at it, Lyonsdown pupils enjoyed a final afternoon of fun activities with their teachers.

“The children have worked incredibly hard in all of their remote lessons, so we wanted to give them a ‘Fun Friday’,” says Head, Helen Stanton Tonner. “Whilst they have been virtually ‘in class’ taking part in lessons with their friends every day, they also need additional time to have fun and be social.”

All pupils, whether learning from home or in school, dressed up for the special occasion and enjoyed taking part in a plethora of fun, including: jokes and riddles, charades, quizzes, catch up chit chats with friends, discos, talent shows, baking and even a trip to the Antarctic! The smiles and laughter shared, showed that the Lyonsdown family spirit is alive and well.

The activities varied across the years:

· Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 took part in a wonderful class talent show – with the children really enjoying showcasing their talents to the rest of their class! They finished off their Friday of fun with a disco – a brilliant way to get them moving and to burn off some end of term energy!

· Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic ‘Polar Express’ day – which was very fitting given the cold weather we are experiencing! As well as dressing up to fit the theme, the children enjoyed a visiting speaker Alex Hibbert, a polar expedition leader who spent six months living and working amongst the Polar Eskimos of remote northwest Greenland.

· Year 4 took part in an array of activities include telling jokes and riddles, a scavenger hunt around their homes and a baby quiz. All whilst dressed up as a book character or in ‘posh frocks’!

· Year 5 also had an afternoon of fun which included joke telling, a silly hat show, charades and taking part in dance routines!

· Year 6 girls had an amazing time taking part in a ‘Bake–a–long’ with Mrs Hall, having received the instructions by post and it was kept as a surprise! They also were able to enjoy a quiz whilst they waited for the fridge cake to chill!

While our Pre-Reception class have still been safely ‘in School’ – they took took part in ‘Fun Friday’ as well. They had a non uniform day, did some dancing at their classroom disco and also enjoyed some lovely craft activities.

“The happiness and wellbeing of the children is paramount,” concludes Mrs Stanton Tonner. “We know that Remote Education can be challenging for young children. Whilst our timetable enables them to have plenty of time ‘off screen’ alongside all of their interactive lessons, we also know that energy levels are, understandably, flagging a little given the length of the current lockdown. ‘Fun Friday’ was just the tonic that both our pupils and our staff needed – a happy day of fun, to socialise and recharge our children’s batteries.”