Lyonsdown’s Artists of the Week

Year 1 have  finished making their special new knickers for the Queen. This week, they learned how to construct a handy pocket on the back of their designs and discovered what seams are. Well done, girls!

Year 2 created Matisse style collages which included their name and favourite interests. Some of the their finished ‘cut outs’ were amazing showing great cutting skills and super ideas. Well done, Year 2!

Here are some more stunning jewellery designs created by our Year 3 pupils. Well done for designing and making such well-made, eye catching work!

Year 4 pupils have been practising their observational drawing skills- they selected some of their favourite things at home, then drew them carefully in pencil. Well done for creating these impressive drawings.

We have some fantastic future textile designers at Lyonsdown! Year 5 have been learning how to create repeat tile patterns- look at these beautiful designs. Well done, girls!

To reinforce their observational drawing skills, Year 6 have been drawing shoes from real life.  Well done for creating these beautiful drawings.