A ‘Fruitful’ First Few Weeks of Spring term for our Reception Class!

What a busy term our Reception girls have enjoyed so far – with Remote Education full of interactive lessons and fun activities!

Whilst they may not be in class, our Reception pupils have still been enjoying a full timetable – with literacy and numeracy at the core, along with Art, Science, Music and Sport.

The children have learnt all about the work of Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who is well known for painting portraits constructed from different types of fruits and vegetables.  “It has been an inspiring topic for the girls,” says Mrs Gunn, Lyonsdown’s Reception teacher.  “Through his paintings, the pupils have been learning all about different fruits and vegetables – from naming them, to writing about them, as well as doing some absolutely amazing drawings.”

The girls have created their own wonderful portraits, following Arcimboldo’s distinct style.  The Reception class have also been drawing and painting the inside of fruits, showing the range of segments and patterns that can be found, when studied closely.  The results are an impressive showcase of the quality of art that is taught to the girls from a very early age.

During Literacy sessions, alongside their daily phonics sessions, the children have been enjoying a wide range of animal-related stories including ‘Owl Babies’, ‘Rainbow Fish’, ‘My Colourful Chameleon’ and ‘There is a Snake in my School’. They have also been learning to recite some poems about animals too.  This is an excellent way of developing linguistic skills, helping to improve their memory and confidence, along with, of course, encouraging a love of poetry from a young age.

The animal-theme has also been extended into pupils’ other lessons too – with the girls studying animals in scientific detail with their specialist Science teacher, Mrs Murphie.

The children have also gained confidence with public speaking and listening to others during daily Show and Tell sessions where they have enjoyed talking about their interests, their toys and art work such as their aquariums.  The girls have enjoyed looking at lemon trees and canaries in Cyprus and photographs of themselves playing in the snow in England.
The children’s well- being is at the heart of the Early Years curriculum and the girls have learned the importance of sharing any concerns they may have, as well as discussing strategies for dealing with their worries, including having fun  creating their own worry boxes.
It certainly has been a ‘fruitful’ first few weeks of the Spring Term for our Reception pupils at Lyonsdown School – with much more to follow – either via our Remote Education provision or in School.