Lyonsdown’s Artists of the Week!

Let’s start with these lovely photos of some highly original snow sculptures from our Reception, Year 1 and Year 4 classes.  A pupil in Year 4 used paints to add a splash of colour to hers! Such a simple idea and so effective!

With links to their learning in literacy, Year 1 pupils have been busy designing new knickers for the Queen to wear for a special occasion. Here are some of their brilliant designs. Well done, Year 1!

Here are the Year 2 Artists of the week. In our remote Art lessons, Year 2 are learning about the different styles of Matisse. Here are some beautiful Goldfish Bowl paintings. Super work girls!

Year 3 have been working like real jewellery designers, investigating Bronze Age jewellery designs and gathering together ideas as mind maps to help them create their own Bronze Age inspired jewellery. We can’t wait to see their designs made into real pieces of jewellery next week! Fantastic work Year 3!

Year 4 have been practising their observational drawing skills by drawing their house, closely looking at shapes, angles, textures, proportions and details. Congratulations to Alara, Cienna and Lydia for creating such beautiful drawings.

Year 5 have been learning all about William Morris in their Art lessons and created these wonderful research pages in their sketchbooks last week. Well done, Year 5!

Year 6 had fun creating Onomatopoeia art in the Pop Art style last week. Well done Year 6 for creating these eye catching collages!