Supporting our Year 6 Pupils Sitting their Exams during Lockdown

During the Autumn and Spring terms of this academic year, Government imposed restrictions (due to the COVID pandemic), resulted in many independent schools changing, not only the type of assessments they set, but also the manner in which these assessments, exams and interviews were conducted: from face to face onsite, to virtually online.

At Lyonsdown, we were very pleased to have been able to support all pupils affected by these challenging and unexpected last-minute changes. In November 2020 we organised and invigilated pupils at Lyonsdown sitting online ISEB Common Entrance Pre-Tests, as well as conducting a series of mock online group interviews with our Year 6 pupils.

In January 2021, during the complete national lockdown, we were once again pleased to be able to invigilate pupils sitting Year 7 entrance exams from their homes on a Saturday, and to continue to conduct mock online group and individual interviews for pupils.

Of course, we all hope that this time next year, things will be “back to normal”, but it is reassuring to know that Lyonsdown is well prepared and experienced to be able to “swing into action” once again – should the need arise.