Remote STEAM News

We love STEAM at Lyonsdown and just because we aren’t ‘in school’ doesn’t mean we haven’t encouraged all of our pupils to develop their knowledge and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We may be missing our Science Lab, but pupils have enjoyed virtual lessons with our Science teacher, Mrs Murphie.

Year 4 have been making models of teeth and learning about ways to keep the hard enamel layer of the crown healthy in order to protect the delicate inside of the tooth. In this model you can see both the outside and the inside of a tooth. You can see that the pulp area is the sensitive part of the tooth because it has a blood supply and nerves


Year 2 have begun learning about materials. They have been identifying the materials that different objects are made of and have been thinking about where those materials come from.

Reception had a lovely lesson learning all about cats. They drew some fantastic pictures of domestic cats and lions…fierce wild cats.  We were able to discuss things that were the same about these cats and things that were different.