Returning to Remote Education

Following yesterday’s news that primary schools in Barnet are to offer remote education, rather than physically re-opening, Lyonsdown School will, from the beginning of term, offer its Remote Education provision to all families, whilst also remaining open for Key Workers.

Building on a successful Summer Term, where we launched and delivered our Remote Education package for all pupils, Lyonsdown School is well prepared and ready to provide educational continuity in this new local lockdown.

“Parents have been sent our updated ‘Remote Education Information Pack’, which includes their children’s timetables for the start of term and also reflects increased use of MS Teams functionality for January,” says Helen Stanton-Tonner, Head at Lyonsdown.  “Children will start their term with a live lesson with their class teacher, who will settle them back into our pattern of remote learning following the Christmas break.”

“We are very proud at Lyonsdown of our family ethos and strong commitment to the educational stretch and pastoral care of each individual child, whether they are being taught remotely or on site,” continues Mrs Stanton-Tonner.  “Our provision in the Summer Term was well received by parents, and our aim is to provide, as near as is reasonably possible, a timetable for our children that will enable them to access a full curriculum remotely.”

Lyonsdown School uses MS Teams to deliver its remote education.  There is a blend of daily interactive teaching, recorded sessions and assignments. The remote education timetable runs closely in line with pupils’ current school timetable and has been designed to enable all families, depending on their personal circumstances, to access different aspects of the School day at a time that best suits them.  For example, live lessons are recorded so they can be accessed by our families at a later time if needed. Specialist teaching continues – with pupils being able to enjoy remote lessons with their specialist Art, Language, Music, PE and Science teachers.

“We have, and will continue to have, a proactive and responsive approach to the COVID-19 pandemic,” concludes Mrs Stanton-Tonner. “Our Remote Education will be adapted on an ongoing basis, as needed, to best reflect the needs of our children and families in the changing times in which we find ourselves.”

For an insight into Lyonsdown’s Remote Education provision during the Summer Term, please click here.