Wonderful First Week at Lyonsdown School

It has been a wonderful first week of the year here at Lyonsdown School. I have been amazed at how quickly all the children have adapted to the new routines and expectation. Even our youngest and newest girls in Pre-Reception and Reception have taken everything in their stride over their first few days. The joy of the older girls at seeing each other each day and having at least some level of normality has been clear to see. The Staff and I have been working with each of the Classes to ensure they have had opportunities to express their feelings and talk through any anxieties they may have had on returning to school as well as the chance they would normally expect to share their news and re-establish bonds of friendship. All the children here have been very welcoming of me as I embarked on my new role as Head and I am pleased to have been able to meet parents more personally on the gate each morning. The Lyonsdown community has demonstrated its natural resilience and care and I am looking forward to seeing us all work together going forward.