Remote Education launches at Lyonsdown!

With the Summer Term starting this week, Lyonsdown School’s Remote Education has launched! Despite the unprecedented time in which we all currently find ourselves, we have an exciting term planned, with a variety of opportunities to develop the children’s learning across the curriculum.

Our remote education features:

  • Daily interactive sessions with teachers via Microsoft Teams
  • A new Remote Education timetable that includes specialist teaching; Music, Spanish and PE for all year groups, with the addition of Science and Art for Years 1-6.
  • A variety of live or pre-recorded form times, assemblies and story times throughout the week.

All of the School staff were all so incredibly ‘happy’ to welcome the start of the Summer Term that they sent a special video message out to all families! The video can be watched here and features pupils singing one of their favourite ‘happy’ songs:

There is a phased release of our Remote Education, allowing us to test our new system so that things run smoothly and reflecting the fact that this is a new experience for children, parents and staff.  Years 3-6 are already underway, with other Year groups following from next week.  Our interactive lessons will be gathering even more momentum over the coming days as we all get to grips with online lessons via Microsoft Teams.

We pride ourselves on our family ethos and our strong pastoral care and want to ensure that this continues, alongside our academic provision, during our Remote Education. We recognise that this is a difficult time for parents and carers and are offering varying levels of support to families to not only get ‘up and running’ with the new technology, but also to support all our families’ specific circumstances.  Our Remote Education Pack, as well as weekly timetables, have been designed to, where possible, support and help our parents to plan their time and support their children. Our Early Years parents will soon have their own pack, focusing on the specific needs of their younger children.  Any additional support families need is on-hand, please do email the School and we will help as much as possible.