From the Headmaster's Desk

What’s a contortionist? One of the best parts of leading a school community are the amazing questions children ask you. The dictionary defines a contortionist as a person who shows “extreme flexibility.” With the situation in the UK, this applies to all of us: the term from the mouths of babes springs to mind.

In this unprecedented situation, we all need to be flexible in the way we work, socialise and care for children. Lyonsdown is committed to continuing to support all of our families in the coming months, through our developing system of Remote Education, pastoral care and looking after the children of the families of key workers during the period of school closure.

In times that seem dark, it is important to seek out the light. We are sad to have to close to the majority of our families until further notice. Teachers, TAs and everyone who works in a school does it for one reason – to work with children. I will truly miss your sons and daughters while they are absent. They are the lifeblood of our school and Lyonsdown will not feel quite the same without them. But, if that is the dark then the light is this – I have never been prouder of our school, as we carried on with business as usual for as long as possible. The fact that pupil and staff attendance barely dropped is testimony to our children and their families and my wonderful team. As a school and as a nation, we will not be defeated.

I hope we can all find opportunities to grow in these circumstances that none of us could have predicted. In school, we are learning new skills and knowledge that will benefit our families. I may even finally finish All the Pretty Horses; apparently the last 30 pages are brilliant. I hope to hear about the children’s experience, in person or remotely.

With the very best of wishes for the whole Lyonsdown community and their families. Look after yourselves, and each other.


Mr Hammond

Mr Hammond’s Challenge

Remote Education may officially start on Monday, but here is something to keep the synapses firing. A modern day unstoppable force/immovable object brain teaser.

Captain America’s shield is made from vibranium, an indestructible metal that cannot be cut. Wolverine’s claws are made from adamantium, a metal that can cut through anything.

If Wolverine tries to cut Captain America’s shield with his claws, what is the outcome?

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