From the Headmaster’s Desk 18th October 2019

As you all know, I love a pithy quote, but sometimes inspiration does not come from wordsmiths or Noble Prize winners. Sometimes inspiration comes from children.

Hula hooping can tell us many things about the mind of a Lyonsdown girl. I cannot hula hoop particularly well yet, and the Lower School demonstrated both skill and mind-set when they were showcasing their talents at break time. “Look, Mr Hammond, this is the non-persevering way of doing it,” said one sharp member of Year 1 as she pretended to storm off from the offending plastic ring, before showing me how a sigh and a shrug of the shoulders could be overcome by having another go. I could not have been any more proud. I was equally proud by one girl, who I know finds Maths challenging, putting her hand up to answer a question in a lesson. Whether the answer was right or wrong does not matter; she gave it a go, which is to be celebrated.

A community celebrating the very best of itself also shone through this week, as Lyonsdown marked Black History month in lessons, a wonderful assembly led by Mrs Hicks and a special menu on Thursday. Events such as these are important “because of diversity,” as one Year 1 child said in the aforementioned assembly. Spot on— our diversity, and the respect of such diversity, is one of many important aspects of our community and worth taking the time to reflect on.

As we finish the first half term of the school year, our Lyonsdown learning focus on independence draws to a close. This week, I have seen Year 6 reading to Reception, with children across the school speaking to visitors with pride about responsibility whilst Year 5 were adventuring on their PGL residential and the staff took part in training focused on supporting all children in reaching their goals, including child-led challenge activities. Although we move onto Creativity as our focus in November,  opportunities for responsibility and independence should always be available to our children.

All the best for a relaxing half term break. I look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 4th November.

Mr Hammond