From the Headmaster's Desk

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They all have their exits and their entrances,

And one woman in her time plays many parts…

Such was the quality of Shakespeare Rocks, the Upper School Production that went up (and closed) this week, I feel almost no shame in doctoring the Bard’s iconic words. The children at Lyonsdown do play many parts (in lessons, Sport, Music, Art and so on), but no more so than Year 6 who, after a year of hard work in the classroom, were suddenly successfully transforming into leading ladies… and gentlemen.

The play was wonderfully performed, with exceptional acting and singing throughout – one could sense that the poignant humour around 50:50 casting meant something to our older girls. Delivered with comic timing that Ben Elton or Rowan Atkinson would have been proud of, “You are, in fact, a woman dressed as a man, dressed as a woman,” my face was sore from grinning with glee. Thank you to all members of the Lyonsdown community who were involved in getting the Play to such a high standard, but hats off to Mrs Roberts who continues to make positive changes in the Music Department and produce ensemble pieces of such quality.

Continuing with our dramatic theme, Monday sees the return of the Lyonsdown Discotheque (now, with added discotheque dancers) which, I am sure, will be as successful as last year. I am also pleased that the changes to our Breakfast Club and After School Club provision are proving to be popular and will continue to support busy parents.

Speaking of improvements, the preparation for our premises development works over the summer continues at pace. Although staff will have some access to School over the holidays, pupils and parents will not be allowed on site over the summer, so we have asked all Lyonsdown children to be even more vigilant than usual when taking everything home on, or before, the final day of term.

Before I leave you, a reminder that our End of Year Celebration, for Years 2 to 6 takes place on Thursday afternoon, and that the final day of term, on Friday 12th July, is a half day.

All the best for a relaxing weekend.

Mr Hammond

Exit pursued by bear.

Save the date – Monday 14th October 2019

To celebrate the completion of our new facilities, there will be an evening event on Monday 14th October 2019, starting at around 7pm. Exact details are still being confirmed, but we hope you are able to attend.