From the Headmaster's Desk

You may have noticed that the good ship Lyonsdown was boarded by a horde of pirates this week.

Our Lower School performances of Ahoy There may have been a good-humoured romp of song, dance and “jokes,” as trainee pirates were made to walk the plank by my doppelgänger ‘eadmaster ‘ammond, but there was real purpose to the show. At one stage, a pirate suggested that perseverance was the most appropriate Lyonsdown Learning habit to apply to being a swashbuckler, with others chiming in that collaboration and independence were more apt. The truth is that all six habits, including curiosity, creativity and reflection, were being utilised to put on a magnificent team effort. Drama, Sport, Arts, in fact all “extra-curricular” activities are vital learning and development opportunities that help deliver the hidden curriculum that develops so much in our children.

The production really did embody the Lyonsdown spirit: the children and staff worked hard, the show was amusing, and everyone kept calm and carried on. In fact, a Head’s commendation was awarded on Friday for “perseverance and bravery in the performing arts” after one girl in Reception demonstrated that the show must go on, in a most impressive manner. All in all, bravo to all the girls, boys and staff involved.

We finished the week with an assembly that focused on the importance of persevering with Lyonsdown’s sustainability efforts, with the Eco Warriors giving details of the School’s plans to gain its silver Eco Award. If families could encourage their daughters and sons to reduce their food waste in school, it would be greatly appreciated. As Miss Doyle explained to our pupils, they are building a world for the future so that they can continue to enjoy the planet.

I go into the weekend humming tunes from this week – a sign of any good musical, and look forward to the Upper School Concert next week. All the best for a relaxing weekend.

C. Hammond