From the Headmaster's Desk

I have often said how interesting my gate conversations with Year 6 are. This week, we discussed interplanetary forces – a weighty subject for 8:30 in the morning, but an opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their knowledge and perseverance as the questions became gradually more challenging.

To “show off” is a verb that has negative connotations. Some of its synonyms are “to boast, brag or crow,” none of which one would want to be associated with.  At Lyonsdown, we want the girls and boys to be confident without a hint of arrogance. However, there is nothing wrong with showing others what you excel at, and being famed for your independence, collaboration, creativity or any number of attributes.

Our Open Morning on Wednesday was a shining example of how to show one’s very best. The whole School was involved, but our senior girls were given the responsibility of welcoming prospective parents to Lyonsdown: our Head Girl team delivered two speeches and every girl took parents on a guided tour of the School. The reviews of all our pupils and our teaching, learning and pastoral care were very positive, but the Year 6 girls also received plaudits such as “they are amazing… they know so much… what wonderful young women.” I am always proud of Lyonsdown, but even more so on a day such as this.

We also shared what our wonderful pupils can do at the first of our parents’ evenings; a chance to strengthen the relationship between home and school. We continually review our provision in all areas, so I was pleased to hear that both the style of the parents’ evening appointments themselves and improved booking system have made it easier for families to organise their diaries.

Showing off is not something to be proud of, but Lyonsdown girls and boys should be proud of showing the world the qualities and skills they possess. Our pupils’ personalities and characters are varied and be they a scholar, musician or sportsperson, every single one of them has something to add to Lyonsdown.

All the best for a relaxing weekend.

C. Hammond

Riddle me this

Storm Freya and Gareth have kept us on our toes, but a house point to the pupil who can explain how wind is created.