From the Headmaster's Desk

The New Year is fully upon us and School life is in full swing, with clubs and activities starting this week. One great thing about a New Year is that we are more driven to expand our horizons. However, New Year’s resolutions can be dangerous and too short-lived to allow us to enjoy any new experience or decide if it is truly for us.

Patience is a virtue and my assembly this week focused on the importance of being patient when trying new things. Some girls and boys at Lyonsdown may not be fans of beetroot, and I have no love for olives, but we agreed that it is important to keep sampling new foods, in school and at home. The same can be said for dancercise, hockey, or any other new hobby one may have taken up in the New Year. We need to persevere and be patient and not just in January. Any change that broadens our interests and skills is a positive step in all seasons.

The pursuit of new skills is not just restricted to the Prep School years; lifelong learning is vital for all our pupils. In fact, this week we were delighted to welcome one of our old girls, to carry out some research for one of her GCSEs. She thoroughly enjoyed meeting the pupils and catching up with and interviewing her teachers. I would like to encourage any alumni to follow us on social media and get in touch if they would like to visit the school, or support Lyonsdown in any way. Our first Year 7 alumni event in the Autumn Term was a big success, and plans are afoot for further events this year. If any member of our school community would like to discuss this, or any other matter, we would be happy to speak to you.

All the best for a pleasant weekend.

C. Hammond

Riddle me this – the riddle from last week remains unanswered, although one Year 3 pupil was very close.
Horses are almost perfect animals, so on pointe, but why would they make excellent ballerinas?