From the Headmaster's Desk

Mahatma Gandhi said “where there is love, there is life” and Lyonsdown School has been full of girls and boys thoroughly enjoying the Prep School experience over the past few weeks. The end of any term is both busy and exciting, but the number of events that occur during the crescendo towards Christmas is a wonder to behold.

The girls, boys and staff have worked tirelessly throughout a very successful term, but to top things off with a Nativity, Carol Service, pantomime, Cake Sale, Christmas jumper day, Christmas lunch, Santa’s Grotto and a Scavenger Hunt is truly impressive. A busy school is a happy school: this term has been blessed with a series of wonderful highlights, and the range of activities that take place at Lyonsdown means that our pupils can all choose their favourite to cherish. Moving towards the 25th December reminds us to cling to the important things in life.

Christmas is a strong reminder of what really matters. Tuesday’s Carol Service was not only a showcase of the musical quality of the school; it was a celebration of a small baby who became incredibly important to the World, a gift given to Mary and Joseph. Without this gift, our wonderful school events would not take place, and the end of the Autumn Term would be less colourful. In my assembly on Friday, I reminded the girls and boys that Christmas is not really about presents and decorations. It is about love, the love we show in our faith, and to friends and  family.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your support this term and throughout 2018. None of the above could be achieved without you as part of our strong community. One of the achievements of this term that has especially pleased me is the engagement by pupils and parents in school life.

Whatever you have planned before term begins anew, I wish you all a relaxing holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

C. Hammond

Riddle me this

“Glass is not always clear. A housepoint to anyone who can clarify the matter.”

Twenty incorrect guesses and counting were received (from children, parents, grandparents and one prospective parent) to the above riddle, which remains unsolved. I can now put several children’s mind’s to rest by clarifying that the state of matter of glass is neither solid, liquid, gas, plasma or Bose-Einstein condensates. It is (drum roll please) an amorphous solid – a state of matter that sits between solid and liquid.