From the Headmaster's Desk

Hats, gloves and scarves: the pupils’ change in attire can only mean one thing – winter is on its way. This in no way affects the energy of the girls and boys of Lyonsdown who continue to be busy in their work and play. Although it is becoming chilly as we near the end of term, the school calendar is heating up. The final fortnight of the Autumn Term brings us Nativities and an Upper School Theatre trip, our Carol Service, Christmas lunch and a variety of other festive activities. There is even a rumour, that the Year 1-6 House scavenger hunt will return… I can confirm that this is true.

Whatever they are doing, it is important that children remain calm. As the brief overview of the Lyonsdown calendar shows, our children’s lives can become very busy. Year 5 and 6 have told me that they have “lots of thoughts” in their heads during the day, about school, friends and hobbies, especially before going to sleep. With this in mind, my Creative Thinking Club have spent the last few weeks exploring the theory and method of meditation. I was pleasantly surprised when over half the class said they had independently practised what they had learnt, and even more impressed with those girls who had persuaded their parents to join in. It is important for any child to have some quiet time in their day, be it reading, praying, meditating or some other tranquil activity.

Of course, the best activities are those that are both enjoyable and fulfilling. With this in mind, the week at Lyonsdown was rounded off by Reception in the most heart-warming fashion: their inaugural visit to the Cedars Care Home. Our girls and boys delighted the residents with their phonics songs, laughter and conversation and every single child and member of staff returned with a beaming smile. It is so important that we take care of our elders, and wonderful that the School is able to make such excellent links with our local community. It is exactly this sort of opportunity that is worthwhile making the space for in our busy lives.

All the best for a relaxing weekend.

C. Hammond

Riddle me this – two riddles remain outstanding (with even local residents and prospective parents having a bash), with a reward of three house points to any pupil that can provide the answer. Solutions will be provided at the end of term if no entries are forthcoming. The unsolved riddles are:

1) Humans and apes are a breed apart, but how do they oppose all others? 

2) Riddle me this: glass is not always clear.  A house point to anyone who can clarify the matter.