From the Headmaster's Desk

As I write, I can hear several topics of conversation in the corridors of Lyonsdown, but most are concerned with the social highlight of the week – the Friends of Lyonsdown Schools Movie Night. Following in the footsteps of last year, the event is sure to be a resounding success, and my thanks go out to the FLS team in advance.

Last week, I wrote about the importance of collaboration and working together, with parents’ evenings a shining example of this. The girls and boys at Lyonsdown are equally supportive of the school, no more so when two girls made a poster for Mrs Windsor, reminding children of a school rule. We listen and value all such contributions, and their  work has been put on display. In the same way, the House boards are now swollen with ideas and decoration and our Lyonsdown Learning prefect is developing both art work and a competition to promote this initiative – please see later in the newsletter for more details. Trusting the girls and boys and utilising their enthusiasm is a real strength of Lyonsdown, and I look forward to seeing the Year 6 girls’ marketing skills on show at our Open Morning next week.

It is always a pleasure to show the school off to the wider community. It is not just prospective parents who will visit in the final week before half-term, as Lyonsdown welcomes a representative from our new Christmas charity, several governors and, for Reception, a theatre company to the school.

All the best for the weekend – mine begins with animals singing a repertoire that ranges from Leonard Cohen to Taylor Swift.

C. Hammond

Riddle me this. Today’s date, 12th October, brings to mind a song from Disney’s “Aladdin.” A house point to any keen historians who can tell me why.