From the Headmaster's Desk

Last week, you might remember that I set a small “responsibility quote” challenge. It was squirrelled away in a relatively long paragraph, and so I was rather impressed that three intrepid girls brought me the answer on Monday – an eye for detail is a fantastic skill to possess. What is equally impressive is that when they had the answer not-quite right, they returned the next day with an improved version: answers to complex question come in degrees of truth.

I had the pleasure of meeting several old colleagues this week, including two of my previous Headteachers, to discuss complex questions (although none of these related to comic books). We shared ideas on best practice, and how to Improve our respective schools, showing what a group of like-minded people can achieve when they discuss new ways of thinking, but also the value of a different perspective, the lone voice that asks “what if…?” This is much the same with the School Council, which met for the first time this week. All the girls and boys at Lyonsdown should have some say in what happens at school, and I would urge all pupils to pass any thoughts they have to their democratic representative to be brought forward. Your ideas do make a difference and Mrs Windsor and I really do speak about anything that is raised.

Next week brings the first of our parents’ evenings (thank you for using the brand new booking system, which I hope has provided greater flexibility for you) and grandparents visiting Reception amongst other events. A new pupil will also be joining Year 4 for one day on Thursday, so I hope he will be made to feel welcome.

All the best for the weekend.

C. Hammond